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Implementation of Council Directive 91/271/EEC of 21 May 1991 concerning urban waste water treatment, as amended by Commission Directive 98/15/EC of 27 February 1998

Summary of the measures implemented by the Member States and assessment of the information received pursuant to Articles 17 and 13 of the directive


1 Introduction
2 Pollution caused by urban waste water
3 Principles of the directive
4 Progress of the implementation of the directive
4.1 Transposition into national law
4.2 Identification of sensitive areas
4.3 Less sensitive areas
4.4 Discharges of industrial waste water into urban waste water systems
4.5 Discharge of industrial waste water into receiving waters (Article 13)
4.6 Implementation programmes
4.7 Situation reports
5 Infringement procedures
6 Review and assessment of implementation programmes
6.1 Number of agglomerations and organic loads
6.2 Forecasts of the development in collection and treatment capacity
6.3 Destination of sludge from treatment plants
6.4 Investment forecasts
7 Future deadlines of the directive and tasks of the Commission
8 Conclusion
9 Map: Sensitive areas and less sensitive areas