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Activities of the CIS Working Group on groundwater

The CIS Working Group on groundwater

EU Member States, Norway and the European Commission have jointly developed a common strategy for supporting the implementation of the Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC) that establishes a framework for EU action in the field of water policy (hereafter referred to as the Common Implementation Strategy (CIS) for the Water Framework Directive (WFD)). The main aim of this strategy is to ensure the coherent and harmonious implementation of the directive. The objective of the strategy is to clarify a number of methodological questions related to reaching a common understanding of the technical and scientific implications of the Water Framework Directive.

Within this framework a technical Working Group on Groundwater was established. The aim of the Working Group is to implement the Groundwater Directive and the groundwater elements of the WFD, in particular the monitoring and preparation of the first River Basin Management Plans. In order to fulfill this aim the group exchanges information and experience on groundwater issues related to the WFD (e.g. characterisation, risk assessment, monitoring, chemical status and trends, programmes of measures, etc.). The members of the working group share information via different means such as workshops, technical reports and guidance documents which gather participants’ experience. The working group already published a significant number of guidance documents and technical reports (see links below) contributing to the implementation of EU water legislation.

All the documents related to the work of the CIS Working Group on Groundwater are publicly available.


Guidance Documents

The CIS Working Group on groundwater published the following guidance documents:


Technical Reports

The CIS Working Group on groundwater developed the following technical reports: