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Call for evidence: the economic benefits of EU water policy and the costs of non-implementation

  • Period: from 12.01.2016 to 11.03.2016 – THE CALL FOR EVIDENCE IS NOW CLOSED - Many thanks to all participants for their valuable contributions!
  • Key words: Environmental Protection – Resource Efficiency – Water Economics


The Commission is looking for empirical evidence, studies and concrete feedback on:

  • Water as a key resource for economic growth and well-being of the EU;
  • Cost/benefit analysis of the proper implementation of the EU water acquis;
  • How to maximise the economic benefits of water by identifying its most efficient uses.

It is expected that the outcome of this consultation will provide information, data and other evidence on the role of good quality water for a sound economic growth in the EU. The call for evidence has two objectives:

  1. Identify and collect existing knowledge (i.e. studies, research), evidence and data on the economic benefits of EU water policy and the costs of non-implementation.
  2. Collect opinions, ideas and suggestions on which areas of the "economics" of the EU water acquis should be further investigated by the European Commission.

The call for evidence is the second step in a process organised by the European Commission with a view to launching an open call for tenders for contracting a study on the economic benefits of EU water policy and the costs of non-implementation, which aims at generating new and solid economic arguments to promote effective protection and efficient use of water resources for the well-being of European nature and citizens.

As a first step, the European Commission invited a group of leading European water economists to a workshop, held in Brussels on 8 December 2015. Please click here to read the proceedings of the workshop, which also include a concept paper providing more information on the study and the expected deliverables. The proceedings and the concept paper constitute the background document for this call for evidence, which is based on a short on-line survey.

Target group

All individual experts, stakeholders, organisations, research centers, universities, think-tanks with expertise in water economics are welcome to contribute to this survey.

Contact details

Responsible services:

DG Environment, Unit C1 - Water


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