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Water Scarcity & Droughts in the European Union

Building blocks for the Water Scarcity & Droughts Policy review

This section presents completed studies that will help bridge the important knowledge gaps as regards water scarcity & droughts in the EU. These studies were incorporated into the Policy Review of the Strategy for Water Scarcity and Droughts, which is part of the "Blueprint to safeguard European waters". Studies cover the following areas:


Duration of study

Main Deliverables

Resource and Economic Efficiency of Water Distribution Networks in the EU

01/11-12/13 The report describes the consolidated findings and analysis of a series of case studies on leakage and resource efficiency of water utilities across the EU, and presents conclusions and recommendations (including examples) on how these findings could be used to inform the development of a policy to improve efficiency in the use of water resources by water supply utilities.

Assessment of water scarcity & drought aspects in a selection of EU River Basin Management Plans

01/11 – 11/12

Conclusions of the screening exercise on water scarcity and droughts based on the River Basin Management Plans assessment and complementary information for all countries that submitted their RBMPs (PT, EL and parts of ES and BE are not covered).

GAP analysis on water scarcity & droughts

12/10 – 02/12

Identification of the extent of water scarcity & droughts in Europe and assessment of existing and potential selected measures for tackling water scarcity & droughts.

Buildings and water efficiency

12/10 – 03/12

Recommendation on policy options for improving the water efficiency of buildings

Leakage reduction in water distribution networks

12/10 – 07/12

5-8 pilot studies in water-scarce parts of Europe to analyse and quantify factors of relevance for leakages at a river basin level. Identification of best practices for reducing water-losses in the EU or other countries. Recommendations on policy options for water efficiency in distribution systems.

Activities to halt desertification in Europe

12/10 – 07/12

4 pilot projects on innovative technologies, techniques or practices in order to contribute to the exchanges of good practice and innovation at the local level for halting desertification in Europe.

Water use in agriculture, including water pricing in agriculture and water saving in agriculture

 12/10 – 12/11

Case studies on water pricing policies for the agricultural sector in selected river basins. Recommendation on best practices. Clarification on the current situation of agricultural water use in Europe, and compilation of conclusions from a range of studies on possibilities for water saving in agriculture. 

Water footprinting and product labelling

12/10 – 08/11

Review of water footprinting applications and water related information in food labelling and recommendations on how these can be applied in policymaking.

Previously completed studies 2007-2010 relating to the different areas are also available for download here.