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United Kingdom


United KingdomUnited Kingdom

2nd RBMPs (2016-2021)

The following RBMPs have been adopted:


1st RBMPs (2009-2015)

  • The Commissions assessment of the River Basin management plans for UK is now available here :
  • The UK has identified 16 river basin districts. There are 11 in England and Wales, 3 in Scotland and 4 in Northern Ireland (including 3 international RBDs). One river basin district, Solway Tweed, is in both England and Scotland.
  • River basin Management Plans were adopted in December 2009, and can be downloaded on the following pages, which also provide all information on the implementation of the Water Framework Directive:
  • Consultation on the draft River Basin Management Plans took place  between 22 December 2008 and 22 June 2009.

  • Key documents and links to key documents are also available centrally in the Commission's CIRCABC on line library

  • The information is available in English and depending on the district in Welsh.