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Waste shipments

News / current events

Commission proposal to amend the Waste Shipment Regulation

On 11 July 2013, the Commission adopted a proposal to strengthen inspections on waste shipments through an amendment of the Waste Shipment Regulation. The documents are available as follows:

Consultation on possible EU legislative criteria and requirements for waste shipment inspections

A public consultation was carried out between 25 January to 12 April 2011 in order to gather as many comments and suggestions as possible from stakeholders on possible EU legislative criteria and requirements for waste shipment inspections. The public consultation was open to all stakeholders for eleven weeks, accessible via the single access point on the Commission's Europa website. The aim of the consultation was to gather views on how to effectively prevent illegal waste shipments infringing the EU waste shipment regulation (1013/2006/EC). There is a high number of illegal waste shipments, for example from EU Member States to countries in Africa and Asia. Inspections and controls of waste shipments appear to vary significantly between Member States. In some countries only very few and insufficient controls are carried out. The waste chain is only as strong as its weakest link and waste is suspected to be illegally exported via the EU sea-ports having the least effective controls. Two studies were completed in 2010 and concluded that EU legislation would be a favoured option, see 'Study on inspection requirements for waste shipments, final report'.

Information gathered through this consultation could be used to prepare an impact assessment and a draft legislative proposal on criteria and requirements for waste shipment inspections.

Summary and statistics of the results of the stakeholder consultation.

Waste Shipment Helpdesk and Forum

The operation of this service expired on 31/12/2011. The site was archived on 12/01/2012 and its content has obtained a read-only status. (see report of the Helpdesk and Forum)

On 15 October 2010, the Commission launched a new service to support Member States in implementing legislation on the transport of waste within, into, out of and through the EU. This includes a Forum where national authorities can rapidly exchange information/best practices and discuss questions concerning the day-to-day application of the EU Waste Shipment Regulation, including matters relating to the prevention of illegal shipments of waste. The Forum is also open to other stakeholders such as environmental groups, waste collectors, dealers, brokers, traders, academics and the general public. More complex enquiries will be dealt with by experts through a designated Waste Shipment Helpdesk. A set of Frequently Asked Questions will be posted on the Forum website, based on the answers provided by the Helpdesk. This will include clarifications on a number of issues, including classification and procedural matters, treatment operations, basic definitions and so on. The aim is to provide accurate and timely information concerning the Regulation and its implementation.

The Waste Shipment Helpdesk and Forum are operated by BIO Intelligence Service on behalf of the European Commission. Enquiries are welcome by email:, telephone: +331 53 90 11 75, or by letter to: Waste Shipment Regulation Implementation Helpdesk - c/o BIO Intelligence Service - 20-22 Villa Deshayes - 75014 Paris, France. To participate in the Forum, visit:

New Regulations

Ancillary regulations under preparation

The European Commission is preparing a number of additional measures to amend and supplement the new Regulation No 1013/2006 on shipments of waste:

  • Annex IIIB (additional green listed waste): According to Article 58(1)(b) of Regulation 1013/2006, unclassified wastes may be added to Annex IIIB on a provisional basis pending a decision on their inclusion in the relevant Annexes to the Basel Convention or to the OECD Decision. The waste shipment correspondents have agreed to submit their proposals on a list of issues. As of 28 February 2009, Member States submitted to the Commission a number of proposals to be considered as potential entries for Annex IIIB.

New Correspondents' Guidelines

The waste shipment correspondents of the Member States have agreed at their meeting of 8 July 2011 on new guidelines (no 9) on the shipment of waste vehicles. These guidelines are applicable as of 1 September 2011.

FAQ document on waste shipments