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Evaluation of the Waste Shipment Regulation

Article 60(2a) of Regulation (EC) No 1013/2006 on shipments of waste (Waste Shipment Regulation - WSR) calls upon the Commission to carry out a review of this Regulation by 31 December 2020. In accordance with the Better Regulation Guidelines, an evaluation is the first step in this process.

The Commission is currently carrying out an evaluation of the WSR (incl. Regulation (EC) No 1418/2007) to identify good and bad practices in its implementation and assess whether it has met its objectives using the criteria of: (i) effectiveness, (ii) efficiency, (iii) coherence, (iv) relevance and (v) EU added value. The roadmap of this evaluation was published in January 2017 and feedback on this roadmap was received until March 2017.

A study in support of the evaluation of the WSR was launched in April 2017 to last for a period of 18 months. In the course of this study a first workshop was held on 11 January 2018 for the collection of information and feedback from stakeholders (see report of the first workshop). A wide consultation exercise that has included inter alia targeted consultations and interviews was also undertaken to assess the performance and suitability of the WSR (see consultation strategy). On 11 September 2018, a second workshop was held to present the findings of the study and seek final feedback (see report of the second workshop).

On 30 January 2018 an online public consultation was launched and held open for contributions until 27 April 2018. General information on this consultation is provided here.

During the period of the consultation, if any aspects need to be addressed in more detail or if there is a need to provide information or data that might be of relevance to the evaluation, this may be submitted via email to