Public Hearing on PVC

The European Commission adopted on 26 July 2000 a Green Paper on environmental issues of PVC (COM(2000)469 final). This document presents and evaluates a number of issues regarding PVC and its impact on the environment: the PVC industry and its products, additives (in particular lead, cadmium, phthalates) and the management of PVC wastes (in particular recycling, incineration and landfilling). The Green Paper is scientifically based and includes related human health aspects. It puts forward a number of options to address the impact of PVC in the context of sustainable development.

In order to adopt a comprehensive Community strategy early in 2001, the Commission launched a wide public consultation on the basis of the Green Paper. All stakeholders were invited to send their written comments before the end of November 2000.

In addition, the Commission organised a public hearing on 23 October 2000 where Environment Commissioner Margot Wallström and Enterprise Commissioner Erkki Liikanen were present. The aim of the hearing was to give as much opportunity as possible to those who wish to express their views.

Transcripts of the Public hearing

Contributions from the participants:

Session 1

  • ESPA (pdf ~30K)
  • ECVM (pdf ~150K)
  • EuPC (pdf ~720K)
  • European Mine, Chemical, Energy Workers Federation (EMCEF) I    (pdf ~20K)
  • European Mine, Chemical, Energy Workers Federation (EMCEF) II    (pdf ~80K)
  • IKEA (pdf ~10K)
  • Mischek ZT (pdf ~40K)

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Reactions to the contributions presented at the hearing (pdf ~2,000K)

Minutes of the Publich hearing on PVC (pdf ~100K)




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