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Green City Accord

Green City

The Green City Accord is a movement of European mayors committed to safeguarding the natural environment, making cities cleaner, healthier and more resource-efficient. It is aligned with the European Green Deal and will be launched by the European Commission in the course of 2020.


Objectives and scope

Cities are critical to meeting the EU's environmental objectives. Many successful actions have already been taken at city level, but further efforts are necessary to tackle rising environmental challenges. Cities can drive the changes needed to address these challenges and contribute to improving the implementation of the EU’s environment legislation.

The Green City Accord will support cities in their efforts to achieve cleaner and healthier environments, thereby improving the quality of life of city dwellers.

It will mobilise cities willing to step up their actions in five areas of environmental management:

  • Improving air quality;
  • Enhancing nature and biodiversity;
  • Reducing noise pollution;
  • Improving municipal waste management and advancing the circular economy;
  • Improving the quality of water bodies and the efficiency of water use.

The Accord will complement the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, by addressing issues not covered by the Covenant. It will also build coherence with other EU urban initiatives and support the delivery of the European Green Deal and the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

This voluntary initiative will be open to all cities in the EU.


Benefits to cities

The Accord will offer signatory cities:

  • The opportunity to gain visibility for their environmental efforts;
  • A framework for managing local resources more effectively, helping cities deliver their environmental goals in a more integrated way;
  • Technical support to plan and implement environmental actions through the Green City Accord Helpdesk, peer-learning and capacity-building activities;
  • Improved access to information about financing opportunities;
  • Opportunities to exchange knowledge and good practices with other cities;
  • A line of communication between cities and European policy-makers.


How to join

The Accord is expected to be launched – and opened for mayors’ signatures – in October 2020, during the European Week of Regions and Cities.

More information on the process for joining will be published here soon. In the meantime, interested cities are invited to send an email to