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Resource Efficiency

The Platform's Meetings

On this page you can find key meeting documents and presentations.

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EREP PLENARY MEETING OF 31 MARCH 2014EREP Meeting of 31 March 2014


EREP PLENARY MEETING OF 17 JUNE 2013EREP Meeting of 17 June 2013

EREP Plenary meeting of 14 December 2012

The European Resource Efficiency Platform held its second Plenary meeting on 14 December 2012 in Brussels.

Members heard reports on proposed policy priorities from the Working Groups (set up at the first meeting of the Platform in June 2012) dealing respectively with:

  • the Circular Economy / Greening the Economy (WG I), presented by Jean-Michel Herrewyn of Veolia Water,
  • Setting Objectives and Measuring Progress (WG II), presented by Jo Leinen, Member of the European Parliament, and
  • Framework Conditions for Investments in Resource Efficiency (WG III), presented by Ida Auken, Danish Minister for the Environment.

Professor Paul Ekins also summarised the work on-going in Commissioner Potočnik's Expert Group of Economists, especially related to resource efficiency targets and indicators, and its relevance for the Platform.

The Platform agreed the priorities for its work over the next months. It will now start formulating a set of specific short term policy recommendations on resource efficiency, expected to be adopted at its next Plenary meeting in June 2013.

After a debate in small informal discussion groups and in plenary, the members also agreed to a Manifesto, calling for a move towards resource efficiency as a route out of our current economic problems and setting out the key priorities to achieve a circular, resource-efficient and resilient economy.

The next EREP meetings are scheduled on 17 June 2013 and 28 November 2013.




Photos and footage

22 November 2012: update from the EREP Working Groups

Work has been carried out in three separate Working Groups (WG) dealing respectively with the circular economy / greening the economy (WG I), setting objectives and measuring progress (WG II) and framework conditions for investments in resource efficiency (WG III).

The reports below draw on the working papers and the discussions in the Working Group sessions, and set out a synthesis, including a first set of ideas for consideration and areas that could be further explored by the platform.


EREP Plenary meeting of 5 June 2012



Photos and footage



  • Presentation by Jeremy Grantham of Grantham Mayo Van Otterloo (GMO) – "Living on a Finite Planet (Where No One Likes to Hear Bad News)"
    The presentation can be watched in the recording of the full meeting from 22:58 to 51:00
  • Presentation by Dame Ellen MacArthur: "Towards a circular economy – decoupling progress from resource constraints" (Report by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation with support of McKinsey)
    The presentation can be watched in the recording of the full meeting from 02:36:53 to 02:57:15