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Welcome to Pollinator Park

Step into the unknown and discover what our world would look like without pollinating insects

About Pollinator Park

Do you remember a time when the sky was filled with birds and bees, and colourful fruit grew from the trees? Did that world cease to exist, or did you simply cease to notice it?

Europe 2050 - Following a cascade  of ecological crises, our world has been deprived of pollinating insects, healthy ecosystems and wealthy flora. Amidst this dystopian landscape lies a lavish green beacon of hope: Dr. Beatrice Kukac’s Pollinator Park, a safe haven for pollinators and an eye-opener for its visitors.

Pollinator Park was designed in collaboration with world renowned ‘archiobiotect’ Vincent Callebaut. It’s a 30-minute interactive and emotionally engaging virtual reality experience that immerses you in a futuristic world where man and nature co-exist in harmony, hoping to change your perspective and help turn the tide.

Visit Pollinator Park

As a park visitor, try your hand at hand pollination, go grocery shopping in a pollinator-deprived world, rediscover nature’s beauty and perfection and find out how you can protect the last remaining pollinators.

Puzzle together the full story via Beatrice's diary entries: collect at least 5 for access to the final Zoom Room and a new perspective on the world outside.

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Relive the opening show

Our host Beatriz Rios welcomed architect Vincent Callebaut, novelist Maja Lunde, Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevičius and many others for an entertaining talk show about pollinators in the world, in politics and in the arts.

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All around Europe people are making efforts to address the dramatic decline of pollinators. We all need to work together to tackle the challenge effectively.

About pollinators

Pollinators come in different shapes and sizes, they all do a valuable job, but they are seriously declining. Read all about it here!


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