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Research and projects

Various aspects of noise management have been the topic of a number of studies and projects.

The findings of various studies commissioned by the European Commission and supporting the development of EU noise policy are available here .

To find out more about other projects on the topic of noise and their results, please consult the links below.

  • Development of a methodology to assess population exposed to high levels of noise and air pollution close to major transport infrastructure
  • HARMONICA - communication of noise levels to the general public
  • QUADMAP - definition and management of quiet areas in action plans
  • CEMOBIL - noise reduction through the introduction of electric cars
  • NOISEFREETEX - demonstrative solutions to reduce noise pollution in industrial areas
  • NADIA - noise abatement in urban areas and provincial roads
  • QSIDE - quantification of the positive effects of quiet façades and quiet urban areas
  • DECIBELL - decreasing railroad rolling noise
  • SPAS - reduction of exposure of residents along roads with high traffic volumes to noise and particulate matter
  • BESTUFS II - identify, describe and disseminate best practices with respect to City Logistics Solutions
  • HUSH - contribution to the harmonisation of national laws on noise management to European ones
  • CITYHUSH - support for city administrations in the production and implementation of noise action plans
  • Q-CITY - an integrated technology infrastructure for the efficient control of road and rail ambient noise
  • SILENCE - technologies and innovative strategies to reduce noise from rail and road
  • QUIET-TRACK - technologies and innovative strategies to reduce noise from rail
  • ENNAH - establishment of a research network of experts on noise and health in Europe
  • COSMA - community oriented solutions to minimise aircraft noise annoyance
  • QUIESST - quietening the environment for a sustainable surface transport
  • X-NOISE - reduction of aircraft noise
  • ACOUTRAIN - acoustic performance of trains