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Expert profile: Ms Katarina Holubova

Head of the River Morphology and Hydrology Department

Slovakia Water Research Institute (WRI)


Short biography:
Short biography: Education: Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava - Faculty of Civil Engineering, doctorate (PhD) in River Morphology and Hydrology. Experiences: in the field of river morphology dealing with key issues of physical processes on degraded river ecosystems (river/floodplain, lakes, wetlands) to restore natural functioning. Hydromorphological survey including prior/post implementation monitoring carried out in relation to hydrobiological characteristics of the fluvial ecosystems. Design and optimization of the restoration and management strategies in line to the EU WFD and EU Environmental Directives. Experienced team leader of multidisciplinary national and international projects focused on restoration of the river ecosystems covering protected areas Natura 2000.

Professional skills:
Habitat Management; Scientific Research; Habitat Restoration 

Taxonomic speciality:

Habitat expertise:
Wetlands; Rivers and lakes

Biogeographical region: