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Anchors Away - Networking event on mitigating the impact of anchoring on Posidonia beds

Dates: 21-22 November 2019
Location: Athens, Greece
Type: Network event

Recent studies suggest that Posidonia seagrass beds have declined by 34% across the Mediterranean Sea within the last 50 years. This decline has been ascribed to multiple local stressors of which trawling and anchoring are among the most acute anthropogenic threats that these priority and sensitive habitats face today. While several measures have hitherto been taken to address the former, anchoring remains largely unmanaged both within and beyond Natura 2000 Mediterranean marine sites. The need to eliminate existing pressures immediately, especially those widely known to compromise the extent, structure and functions of priority habitat types, ranked high among participants of the Second Marine Natura 2000 Seminar in Palma in November 2018, and the Marine Expert Group Meeting in Brussels. This workshop in Athens brought together experts and managers to present and discuss best practices, available methods and tools for managing direct impacts on seagrass meadows, as well as to explore funding opportunities for the implementation of concrete conservation actions at local and regional scales.

Presentations from the workshop:

Videos from the workshop:


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