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Second Atlantic Natura 2000 Seminar

Dates: 25 - 27 October 2016

Location: Ireland

The second Atlantic Biogeographic Seminar was hosted by the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS), part of the Department of Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs, of Ireland. This Seminar provided an important opportunity for participants to improve and strengthen the implementation of Natura 2000 in the Region and ensure progress towards the EU 2020 Biodiversity Strategy targets. This included building common understanding of practical management issues identified as being of common priority, stimulating new know-how about effective management approaches and developing cooperation and networking activities on issues of shared importance. This Seminar was a milestone in a continuing process of networking, information sharing and knowledge building, of direct benefit to stakeholders across the Atlantic Biogeographical Region. Over three days, the Atlantic Seminar generated concrete outputs as identified by participants, which can be further developed following the Seminar. Attention was given to reviewing progress since the first Atlantic Seminar (held in the Netherlands, December 2012), but furthermore the focus was very much forward-looking - this included:

  • Taking stock of the activities implemented since the kick-off seminar and identify and agree further concrete actions and cooperation priorities, which can be developed and taken forward by various actors in the Region – with the aim of reaching favourable conservation status (FCS).
  • Identifying possible new conservation issues/priorities – new cooperation actions based, in particular, on the lessons learnt from the latest State of Nature Report, including a 'Roadmap’ of agreed future collaborative actions.
  • Compiling sources of information and experience that capitalise on completed projects, available guidance and potential new proposals to increase synergies and collaboration opportunities. The seminar also discussed:
    • The possibilities and practicalities of identifying so-called ‘low hanging fruit’ (LHF) i.e. habitat and species whose conservation status could be improved in the short-term using reasonably straightforward management measures. This reflects the urgency to demonstrate progress towards achieving the targets of the EU 2020 Biodiversity Strategy in the short to medium term.
    • How to develop the most useful form of cooperation and implementation strategies for biogeographical level favourable reference values (FRVs). Additional conservation issues of common interest that were identified in the expert consultation process.

Participation is only possible by invitation.

Background information

All relevant documents can be found here.

Plenary presentations

Setting management of Natura 2000 in an Atlantic Biogeographic context pdf - Dr Andy Bleasdale, Scientific Unit NPWS, Ireland
Overview of Low Hanging Fruits (LHF) method pdf - Dr Douglas Evans, ETC/BD
Integrated management of estuaries pdf - Mr Christian Michalczyk, Hamburg Ministry of Environment and Energy
Management of dunes pdf - Mr Luc Geelen, Waternet, NL
Controlling nitrogen deposition pdf - Ms Clare Whitfield, JNCC
Stakeholder engagement in the Burren pdf - Dr Brendan Dunford
The LIFE Programme pdf - Mr Bent Jepsen, NEEMO
Closing remarks pdf - Dr Rebecca Jeffrey - Scientific Unit NPWS, Ireland

Presentations from feedback sessions

1. Integrated management approaches to Natura 2000pdf
2. Adaptive approaches to agriculture and nature conservationpdf
3. Communication & stakeholder engagement: no presentation available. See the final report for all results.
4. Setting conservation objectives: no presentation available. See the final report for all results.
5. Coastal dunes & estuariespdf

During this workshop, the participants reflected on the roadmap for Atlantic dunes which was the result of the LIFE Platform meeting on coastal and inland dunes held in Zandvoort, the Netherlands, from 15-17 June 2016. The comments of the participants of this workshop have been added to this document.

Roadmap for the conservation of dune habitats in the Atlantic Region pdf
6. Wet & dry grasslands pdf
7. Heaths & bogs pdf
8. Rivers & lakes pdf

Presentations knowledge market

Management concepts – Summary poster in English