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Welcome to the communication platform for the biogeographical process in both terrestrial and marine regions!

In previous times, the biogeographical process covered both land and sea areas, but from 2022 the terrestrial and marine elements were split and a new biogeographical process in the marine regions was formed. Despite being managed by different consortiums, the marine and terrestrial processes will work closely together to function in the same way; undertaking assessments of the pledges made by Member States as Europe works towards the protected area and non-deterioration targets under the Biodiversity Strategy for 2030. To assist Member States with reaching these targets, each process team will then organise seminars and assist with networking events.

In 2023 there will be a total of five seminars taking place for the terrestrial regions and three for the marine regions. There is also scope for networking events to take place in 2023, which can be proposed by and/or hosted by a Member State, a Natura 2000 management body, Natura 2000 landowners, a scientific institute or any other organisation involved in the management of Natura 2000.

All relevant news and updates for each biogeographical process will be shared on this platform and on our wiki, as well as in our Natura 2000 newsletter.

Terrestrial Process Marine Process
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Natura 2000 Communication Platform

This communication platform, managed by the Biogeographical Process team, aims to provide current information about Natura 2000 conservation across all biogeographic regions. Online communications are used to support Natura 2000 site managers, policymakers, civil society organisations and land managers in their efforts to achieve favourable conservation status of Europe’s most precious habitats. Acting as a hub, this platform provides access to available management knowledge, relevant contacts, as well as relevant events, documents and news.


Natura 2000 Biogeographical Process Newsletter

The newsletter is circulated six times a year to provide an overview of progress within the Natura 2000 Biogeographical Process.

If you would like to receive the Natura 2000 Biogeographical Process newsletter in your mailbox as soon as it comes out, please subscribe here.

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Natura 2000 wiki

In 2021, the Biogeographical Process team launched a new wiki called ‘Working together for Natura 2000’ where you can keep updated on activities under the Process, find out about upcoming events, and find/share relevant information and documents related to Natura 2000 best practices.

To use this new tool, you will need to create an EU Login account. You can create an account here, using instructions found here.

Knowledge database

Over many years the Biogeographical process have compiled publications, reports, fact sheets, management manuals, scientific papers and other relevant documents related to Natura 2000. We also have compiled expert input sheets related to all habitat types across all biogeographic regions.

You can access these documents, and more, on our CIRCABC knowledge database tool.

Guidance on using CIRCABC, and how to create a login, can be found here.

This same login can be used to access our Natura 2000 wiki.

Latest news

Invitation for networking proposals 2023

The latest documents and reports from all biogeographical seminars and workshops are available in our document library.

Information about the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030