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Management of Natura 2000 sites: Guidance

European Commission Opinions relevant to Article 6 (4) of the Habitats Directive

Deepening the Danube waterway between Straubing and Vilshofen; section Straubing-Deggendorf (Germany/Bavaria)
C(2019)8090, adopted on 19.11.2019 de en fr

Long distance and suburban railway connection from Bad Cannstatt to Stuttgart via the Rosenstein portal (Germany/Baden-Württemberg)
C(2018)466, adopted on 30.1.2018  de en fr (388KB)

B 173, Widening between Lichtenfels and Kronach, Michelau-Zettlitz section (Germany/Bavaria)
C(2015)9085, adopted on 18.12.2015  de en fr (403KB)

Deepening of the river Main at Wipfeld, Garstadt and Schweinfurt (Germany/Bavaria)
C(2013)1871, adopted on 5.4.2013 de en fr (926KB)

B 252/B 62, Bypass of the municipalities Münchhausen, Wetter and Lahntal (Germany/Hesse)
C(2012) 3392, adopted on 29.5.2012 de en fr (690 KB)

Deepening of the river Elbe from the estuary to the port of Hamburg (Germany)
C(2011)9090, adopted on 6.12.2011 de en fr (711KB)

Replacement of motorway bridge "Schiersteiner Brücke" at A 643 (Germany, Hesse)
C(2011)6365, adopted on 14.9.2011 de en fr (54KB)

Győr development plan (Hungary)de en fr hu (~56KB)

Extension of the motorway A 49 by linking at Neuental with A 5 (Germany, Hesse) -
C(2010)8438, adopted on 3.12.2010 de en fr (~42KB)
Corrigendum to Commission Opinion C(2010) 8438
C(2012)911, adopted on 15.2.2012 de en fr (~15KB)

A20 Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) de en fr (~250KB)

Lübeck Airport (Germany) de en fr (~550KB)

Project for a new port in Granadilla (Tenerife, Spain)

es cs da de et el en fr it lv lt hu nl pt pt sk sl fi sv (40-200KB)

Baden Airport (Germany) de en fr (~550KB)

La Breña II (Spain) es de en fr (397KB)

TGV Est (France) de fr fr (379KB)

Bothnia (Sweden) (389KB) en sv

Prosper Haniel (Germany) en en fr (559KB)

Rotterdam (The Netherlands) en (808KB)

Trupbach Siegen (Germany) de en fr (385KB)

Mühlenberger Loch (Germany) de en fr (565KB)

Recknitz Querung (Germany) (335KB) en de fr

Peenequerung - A20 (Germany)

all documents downloadable from this page are in pdf format