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Natura 2000 data and maps


With the assistance of the European Environment Agency, the European Commission has developed a public Natura 2000 viewer which makes it possible to explore Natura 2000 sites in every part of the EU at the press of a button. Built on state of the art GIS (Geographical Information System) technology, the public viewer is an interactive and user-friendly tool that allows the user to travel seamlessly through the Natura 2000 sites over different types of backgrounds (street maps, satellite imagery, bio-geographical regions, Corine Land Cover, etc.) and to quickly locate sites and related information on species and habitats of interest.

It is the first time that all sites are made available on an EU scale, encompassing the Natura 2000 network as a whole and offering a panorama of what is now the largest coordinated network of conservation areas in the world. The tool is intended to help raise awareness of Natura 2000’s rich assets amongst the general public as well as provide a useful instrument for developers, land use planners, landowners, government authorities, NGOs, researchers and educationalists, amongst others.

In addition you will find below other links to Natura 2000 resources.

Natura 2000 public viewer

Natura 2000 public database

Natura 2000 WMS and WFS

Web Map Services (WMS) is a standard protocol for serving geo-referenced map images over the Internet.
Web Feature Services (WFS) is a standard protocol allowing requests for geographical features over the Internet. The features are returned in XML-based GML and can be subsequently used for spatial analysis or mapping. The specifications of both of these protocols were first published by the Open Geospatial Consortium.

Natura 2000 and biogeographical maps


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