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2020 Local events

The European Commission is pleased to support each winner with the organisation of a Local event to celebrate the winner’s success and raise awareness about Natura 2000.

Planning of the Local events organised by the 2020 winners is currently underway.

Each Local event will aim to:

  • Celebrate the winner’s success in the Natura 2000 Award;
  • Raise awareness of Natura 2000;
  • Highlight the importance of Natura 2000 as an element of which the community can be proud of;
  • Enable networking between participants; and
  • Recognise excellence in the management of Natura 2000 sites.

Each event will be tailored to the particular context of the winner. The events might include site visits, workshops, guided walks, photographic exhibitions … They are all expected to involve high-level European Commission representatives and well as other important stakeholders. It is to be expected that - in the current context - some of them might be digital or hybrid events. Some of them might be open to the general public – in which case information on how to participate will be communicated via this site.

To give you a flavour of what to expect, highlights of the 2018 Local events are presented below.

2018 Natura 2000 Award winners' Local events

Conservation Award
Partnership to stop the poisoning of imperial eagles – Hungary

Communication Award
Natura 2000: Connecting people with biodiversity – Spain

Socio-Economic Benefits
LIFE to alvars: restoration and grazing reintroduction for 2500 hectares of Estonian alvar grassland – Estonia

Reconciling Interests/Perception
Co-existing with bears in the 21st century: Difficulties and achievements – Greece

Cross-border Cooperation and Networking
Joint conservation efforts across three continents to save the sacred bird – Greece and Bulgaria

European Citizens’ Award
School of Nature – Portugal