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21 May - European Natura 2000 Day

European Natura 2000 Day relates to the 21st May 1992, when both EU Habitats Directive and LIFE programme were approved. This Directive together with the Birds Directive (adopted in 1979) became a base of EU Natura 2000 Network of protected areas. Today Natura 2000 consists of more than 27 800 sites across EU land and seas successfully contributing to the preservation of our unique European natural heritage.

To celebrate the Natura 2000 network - one of the EU's most outstanding achievements – and to honor the efforts of everyone involved in making it a success, the European Commission together with the European Parliament, the Council Presidency and the Committee of the Regions declared 21st May as European Natura 2000 Day.

On the occasion of the EU Natura 2000 Day, visit a close by Natura 2000 site, learn and discover the species and habitats it protects and use #Natura2000Day to share your experience.

In 2020, the European Natura 2000 Day will put the spotlight on “young people and nature” aiming at inspiring them to get engaged for nature protection and restoration. Given the current situation with COVID-19 in Europe, we will be celebrating this special day on social media. Use the #Natura2000 or #Natura2000Day and join us there!

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