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Zoos Directive

Zoos Directive Member State and stakeholder meetings

The meetings are a follow-up action to the Zoos Directive evaluation, which concluded that Member State and stakeholder meetings to exchange information, knowledge and best practices would benefit the Directive’s implementation. It is not a formal Commission expert group providing advice to the Commission but is an ad hoc forum aimed at helping Member States and stakeholders in their implementation work. The meetings form part of a service contract, which also covers pilot trainings for Member State authorities, zoo management and zoo associations as well as supporting authorities in the use of peer-to-peer mechanisms. The contract covers three annual meetings 2020-2022. Participation in the meeting will provide an opportunity to learn more about and engage in these other processes under the contract.

For each agenda topic, stakeholders are invited to discuss issues still impeding a better implementation and to suggest solutions how to improve. The aim is for this discussion to result in an action agenda on topics and possible mechanisms to strengthen cooperation and sharing of experience/expertise between Member State authorities and stakeholders, which may also link to the training and peer to peer review initiatives under the contract.

18 February 2020 – 1st meeting

9-10 February 2021 – 2nd meeting

26 March 2022 – 3rd meeting

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