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Birds Directive reporting

Article 12 – National reporting on status and trends of bird species

Article 12 deals with the general reporting obligations of the Member States and Commission. It requires Member States to report about the progress made with the implementation of the Birds Directive.

In 2011, the Commission in agreement with Member States has revised the reporting procedure and frequency in order to focus the reporting obligations on data that inform about the status and trend of bird populations, thereby streamlining the reporting under Art.12 of the Birds Directive with the reporting on conservation status under Art.17 of the Habitats Directive.

Report 2008-2012 on Art 12

The first national reports about status and trends of birds in the EU were assessed in the course of 2014 on EU-level, results were summarised and analysed. A range of products are now available for consultation

The Reporting Format and guidelines as well as other useful information on the Reporting period 2008 to 2012 can be found on the Reference Portal for Art.12 reporting:

Report 2005-2007 on Art 12

Report from the Commission on the implementation of Directive 2009/147/EC on the conservation of wild birds: Update for 2005-2007

Article 9 reporting (derogations)

A limited number of activities normally prohibited under the Birds Directive (Articles 5-8) are permissible by way of such derogations, where particular problems or situations exist or may arise. The possibilities for use of these derogations are constrained. They must be justified in relation to the overall objectives of the Directive and comply with the specific conditions for derogations described in Article 9. Member States do not need to consult the Commission before applying derogations but are obliged to report all derogations to the European Commission in annual derogation reports.

Composite European Commission Report on Derogations according to article 9 of Directive 2009/147/EC on the Conservation of Wild Birds