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Biodiversity reporting

The EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2020 provides a framework for action to enable the EU to reach its 2020 biodiversity target and set it on the right path to attain the 2050 vision. It will be subject to a mid-term review in 2015, and will build on the results from the EU’s fifth National Report as required under the Convention on Biological Diversity. It will measure progress made on the objectives set in the strategy.

Since the shared EU and CBD targets need to be pursued through a mix of sub-national, national and EU-level action, close coordination will therefore be needed to track progress in reaching the targets, including those addressed through policy measures outside the scope of this strategy, and to ensure consistency between EU and Member State action.

Because many of the actions taken today to safeguard biodiversity and enhance our natural assets will take a long time to bring about real improvements, implementation of this strategy needs to begin now for the EU to meet its 2020 headline target.