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Knowledge and data

In a nutshell

Effective policymaking for biodiversity and ecosystem services relies on continuous research and innovation. We aim to improve the biodiversity knowledge base to underpin policy with up-to-date scientific data and information. Our main platform for data and information sharing on biodiversity is the Biodiversity Information System for Europe (BISE), which is fully embedded in the Knowledge Centre for Biodiversity.

In practice

The Biodiversity Strategy includes specific actions to improve monitoring and reporting, to build on the biodiversity knowledge base and to continue to fill research gaps, including on the mapping and assessment of ecosystem services in Europe. Amongst other things, it will improve our understanding of the links between biodiversity and climate change, and of the role of soil in delivering key ecosystem services, such as carbon sequestration and food supply.

The EU 2010 biodiversity baseline and the updated EU biodiversity indicators will be key components of this work, which will also draw on other data and information, such as that produced by the Shared Environmental Information System and Global Monitoring for Environment and Security, the European Forest Data Centre and the LUCAS Land Use Cover Area Frame Survey.

Tap into our resources to access the reporting of Member States, explore our Natura 2000 databases and maps, or read one of our publications.



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