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Green Infrastructure - Studies and publications

The Commission has funded various studies related to green infrastructure. The Biodiversity Information System for Europe (BISE) also contains a wealth of online information on green infrastructure, including a library of relevant documents.

Information and recommendations on how to promote GI, build capacity for its deployment, improve information exchange, assess related technical standards and innovation opportunities, and explore opportunities for a Trans-European Network for Green Infrastructure (TEN-G). More information and country factsheets in Annex 1:

Information on the potential financial, economic and social impacts of floods, how green infrastructure can mitigate flood risk and valuable data on floods for all 27 EU Member States in annex.

Overview of the various potential functions of green infrastructure, (defining features, performance, comparable costs and benefits, issues surrounding indicators and multi-level evaluation, ...) with a particular focus on four types of functions: ecosystems and biodiversity protection, provision of ecosystem services, benefits to human health and wellbeing and development of a green economy and of sustainable land and water management.

Analysis of current data gaps in assessing of the state of biodiversity in Europe and provision of a processed database combining all existing data collections together with chosen biodiversity indicators based on the exploration of land use data for biodiversity, ecosystem services and green infrastructure. Recommendations on biodiversity data policy in support of a gap analysis relevant to the EU 2020 Biodiversity Strategy.

Identification and evaluation of current policy initiatives supporting green infrastructure initiatives across Europe, with seven in-depth case studies on thematic issues: ecological networks, multi-functional use of (1) farmlands and forests, and (2) coastal areas, freshwater and wetlands management and restoration, urban green infrastructure, grey infrastructure mitigation and green infrastructure mapping for spatial planning. Overview of the evidence and indicators of improved ecosystem resilience, quantified impacts on ecosystems and their services, resulting socio-economic and health benefits and compares these benefits with costs. Assessment of four different policy scenarios for the implementation of green infrastructure in Europe.

Definition, identification and evaluation of a set of European green infrastructure projects and initiatives, with information on design and implementation processes, potential to respond to multiple objectives and estimates of cost and benefits. Assessment of the potential of current EU policies and available funding instruments to promote green infrastructure projects and provide for the capacities and planning needed to develop and implement these projects,with recommendations for policy-makers.

Based on a database of 161 applicable projects, five in-depth case studies, targeted interviews with European Commission officials and a literature review, this study aims to address current knowledge gaps regarding the uptake and implementation of ecosystem-based approaches and thereby gain a better understanding of their role and potential in climate change adaptation and mitigation in Europe.

Assessment of trends in land use changes (annex) comparing land use trends with trends in related socio-economic factors, to allow forecasting of land use intensity in all regions of the EU. Recommendations for the integration of the green infrastructure concept into other policy sectors.

By reconnecting existing fragmented natural areas and Natura 2000 sites and restoring degraded habitats, green infrastructure can provide substantial added value and contributes to the objectives of Article 10 of the Habitats Directive by ensuring the ecological coherence of the Natura 2000 network so that Natura 2000 sites do not become isolated ‘islands of nature’. DG ENV has commissioned this document to assist Member States in the better implementation of Article 10 of the Habitats Directive and Article 3 of the Birds Directive.

For more information

The Science for Environment Policy news archive contains many scientific reviews on green infrastructure.

The recent publication, LIFE and climate change mitigation (2015) contains several illustrations of the positive contribution of green infrastructure projects to climate change mitigation.

Building a green infrastructure for Europe, Brochure, 2013, Deutsch English espa�ol fran�ais

The Commission has also organized a number of conferences to assist in the preparation and implementation of the Green Infrastructure Strategy. More information and links to the proceedings are available here.

Glossary document with key terms and definitions

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