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Andalusian hemipode
Turnix sylvatica

Map of the common names

Small (L 15 cm) and extremely retiring bird. Resembles a Quail (Coturnix coturnix). At night has a characteristic song like the lowing of a distant cow. In the past the Andalusian Hemipode was typically found in dwarf palm (Chamaerops humilis) scrub and grassland which have been lost due to the development of modern intensive agriculture and human settlements. Currently it mainly ocupies coastal lakes surronded by scrub. Resident.

Watercolour by Serge Nicolle

Reasons for the need for protection/inclusion in annex I
The Andalusian Hemipode is an endangered species. In the EU, its population is estimated at just 5-10 pairs. The major cause of extinction of the species is habitat loss. The species so closely resembles Coturnix coturnix, taht it is sometimes accidentally shot.

Distribution map

yellow = summer visitor
green = resident
blue = winter visitor

Population :
5 / 10 pairs

Drawing by Manuel Manolos

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