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Dartford Warbler
Sylvia undata

Map of the common names

A small (L 13 cm) dark bird with long tail and short wings giving characteristic silhouette. The preferred habitat of Dartford Warblers in southern Europe is Mediterranean maquis. This is composed of a variety of sclerophyllous bushes of moderate height. In the north of its range typical habitats are lowland heath dominated by gorse and heaths. Food taken chiefly comprises small insects, but also spiders in winter amd berries in autumn. Resident.

Watercolour by Serge Nicolle

Reasons for the need for protection/inclusion in annex I
The main threats to the species are the destruction, fragmentation and degradation of its habitat throughout its range, as a result of agricultural intensification, forestry, urban development and fires.

Distribution map

yellow = summer visitor
green = resident
blue = winter visitor

Population :
2,000,000 / 4,000,000 pairs

Drawing by Manuel Manolos

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