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Mediterranean Gull
Larus melanocephalus

Map of the common names

Medium-sized gull (L 37 cm), with pale grey mantle and broad wings which are wholly white on tip. In summer has black head, in winter a characteristic dark mask behind eye (ear-coverts). Has proportionately heavy bill which "droops" towards tip, blood-red. Nests on islands, lagoons and saline marshes with grass. In winter, occurs on coastal areas, dunes and river mouths. A wide variety of insects forms the main food, but fish and molluscs are also taken. Migrant. Winters and in passage largely in Mediterranean.

Watercolour by Serge Nicolle

Reasons for the need for protection/inclusion in annex I
Loss of habitat, disturbance and tourism development on coastal areas are the major threats for the species. In winter and during migartion, Mediterranean Gulls are threatened by illegal hunting, oil pollution and changes in fishing practices.

Distribution map

yellow = summer visitor
green = resident
blue = winter visitor

Population :
2,000 / 6,000 pairs

Drawing by Manuel Manolos

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