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EU Management plans for huntable bird species considered to be in unfavourable status

The first drafts of management plans for huntable bird species to be considered in unfavourable conservation status have been prepared between 1997 and 2000. Subsequently, the plans have been updated with new information, expanded to cover EU25 and the layout has been changed to be harmonised with those developed under international agreements.

The long-term objectives of the plans are to restore the populations of the species to a favourable conservation status in the EU. Therefore, the plans identify short-term objectives to be achieved during the initial 3-years period. These address the most urgent issues to halt the species declines in the EU.

It is intended to evaluate and review the plans after three years. This would include an assessment of the results achieved during the first three years. During this process new objectives for the next period should be identified that most effectively will lead to the recovery of the populations and the achievement of the long-term objective to restore the species to a favourable conservation status.

Plans, which have been approved by the national Delegates of the Member States in the ORNIS Committee and NGOs such as FACE, BirdLife International, OMPO and Wetland International:

Plans, which have been finalised in 2009: