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#EUPollinators: small, precious and in need of protection!

Want to know more about pollinating insects, and what the EU is doing to address their decline?
You are at the right place!

Europe is home to an amazing variety of insects that pollinate crops and wild plants. This variety is essential for a healthy nature and our wellbeing.

However, pollinators are in serious decline. Losing them would be a major risk for nature and our own existence. We can still prevent this crisis if we all pull together.




“Our quality of life – and our future – depends on the many services that nature provides for free. Pollination is one of these invisible, but invaluable services, so it is very worrying to learn that some of our top pollinators are at high risk! If we don’t address the reasons behind the decline in wild pollinators, and act urgently to stop it, we and our future generations will pay a very heavy price indeed.”
Virginijus Sinkevičius - EU Commissioner for the Environment, Oceans and Fisheries



Commission launches mapping of pollinator initiatives

Ahead of this year’s World Bee Day, EU Commissioner for the Environment has invited stakeholders to help map the current initiatives preserving wild pollinating insects in Europe.

See the Commissioner’s letter

Tell us what your institution has done and will do on pollinators,
by filling in this short survey.

Put your initiative on the pollinator map so that every European can get involved in the protection of pollinators!



Thousands of insects pollinate plants. They all have an important role to play.
These are some of the heroes:




“Every buzzing, crawling, and hovering insect is a cog in an ecological machine. Tiny, individual efforts add up to colossal benefits for life on Earth.”
National Geographic



Latest news


27 May 2021

Review of the EU Pollinators initiative published!

Today the European Commission published a report on progress in the implementation of the EU Pollinators Initiative. For more information: here.

27 May 2021

Call for insect taxonomists & citizen scientists

The ‘Red List of Taxonomists’ initiative is recruiting participants with a view to build a database of European taxonomic experts in the study of insects. For more information: here.


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