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10 December, 2021 | Regional Workshop in Ávila, Spain

The regional workshop of the EU Large Carnivore Platform on Coexistence between people and large carnivores: Presentation regional platform agreed actions was organised by the Ávila platform on large carnivores in collaboration with the EU Platform, the Ávila regional platform and the Asociación Raza Avileña. It took place on 10 December and was hosted by the EU Platform in the Lienzo Norte Congress Centre in Ávila.

The Ávila Platform was established in 2019. After engaging in a facilitated, participative process demonstrating the differences and similarities of stakeholders' viewpoints, the members have succeeded in agreeing a range of joint actions. These consist of a series of measures to better compensate and support livestock farmers suffering from wolf damages as well as to test the applicability of damage prevention measures in extensive cattle farming.

The purpose of this meeting, was to highlight the actions agreed to, to local, regional, national and European decision-makers and stakeholders. The meeting was carried out with strict social distancing rules during the COVID pandemic. This unfortunately meant that fewer international participants could be present. The meeting was therefore held in Spanish and some participants presented online.

The workshop agenda is available here. The workshop report giving details of the meeting can be accessed here(also available in ES.

The presentations from the workshop are available below:

Please note that the presentations do not necessarily reflect the views of all Platform members or the official view of the European Commission.

  1. Acciones políticas de la UE sobre conservación y gestión de grandes carnívoros y orientación sobre especies protegidas (ES) by Lucía Iglesias Blanco, DG Medio Ambiente , Unidad de Conservación de la n aturalez

  2. Introduction to the ‘EU Platform on Coexistence between People and Large Carnivores (ES) by Jurgen Tack, ELO

  3. La ganadería extensiva de vacuno en ávila y los daños del lobo. Buscando soluciones al conflicto (ES) by Juan Carlos Blanco, Consultores en Biología de la Conservación

  4. Prevención de daños al ganado vacuno en Ávila, recopilación de experiencias y uso experimental de una barbacana (ES) by Yolanda Cortés, Consultores en Biología de la Conservación