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13 May 2019 - Plenary Meeting in Brussels

Plenary Meeting in Brussels 2019

The sixth annual meeting of the EU Platform on Coexistence between People and Large Carnivores took place in Brussels on 13 May 2019. Measures supporting coexistence in the context of the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) were discussed and the Platform members were updated on how Member States have included coexistence measures in their Priority Action Frameworks, which describe how they intend to financially support implementation of the nature directives. The Platform members agreed a statement: CAP reform and national support for coexistence with large carnivores: outlook for the next funding period.

The update on the work progress of the regional platforms was used to discuss the lessons learned during the process and to examine positive and negative aspects to be considered in the future. The members agreed a statement supporting the Grosseto local platform’s agreed actions.

The afternoon’s agenda focused on attitudes towards large carnivores including the aspect of fear and how communications on large carnivores can reach different audiences.

The meeting minutes are available here. The Work Plan Update was agreed and can be accessed here.


The meeting agenda is available here.

The presentations from the Plenary Meeting are available below.
Please note that the presentations do not necessarily reflect the views of all Platform members or the official view of the European Commission.

Welcome and introductory remarks by Jurgen Tack, European Landowners Organization (ELO) and Humberto Delgado Rosa, European Commission - Platform chairs (no slides)

Support for coexistence under the CAP and Agricultural State Aids by Olivier Diana, European Commission (no slides)

Updated Priority Action Frameworks (PAFS) and large carnivore coexistence measures by Marco Cipriani, European Commission (to be added)

Update from the Regional Platforms for Coexistence between People and Large Carnivores service contract

  • Progress of activities and Grosseto Platform by Valeria Salvatori, Istituto di Ecologia Applicata (IEA)
  • Harghita Platform by Csaba Borboly, Harghita County Council and Lászlo Demeter, Platform Coordinator
  • Avila Platform by Juan Carlos Blanco, Platform Coordinator

Update from the EUROLARGECARNIVORES LIFE project by Raffael Hickisch, WWF

LCIE policy support statement on the management of bold wolves and future by Valeria Salvatori, Istituto di Ecologia Applicata (IEA)

Hunters activities related to conservation and attitudes including fear in Finland by Heli Siitari, Finnish Hunters' Association (FACE)

EUROPARC large carnivore communication toolbox by Federico Minozzi, EUROPARC FEDERATION (no slides)

Training and professional upskilling for rangers/ volunteers/ junior rangers to improve communication and reach a broad public by Urs Reif, EUROPARC-Ranger working group and German Ranger Association

Tackling fears and fake news related to wolves with the general public Wiebke Bomas, German Ranger Association, EUROPARC

Conclusions by Jurgen Tack, ELO (no slides)