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EU Platform on Coexistence between People and Large Carnivores

Launch and first working session of the EU platform on Coexistence between People and Large Carnivores

The EU Platform on Coexistence between People and Large Carnivores is a grouping of organisations representing different interests groups which have agreed a joint mission:

"To promote ways and means to minimize, and wherever possible find solutions to, conflicts between human interests and the presence of large carnivore species, by exchanging knowledge and by working together in an open-ended, constructive and mutually respectful way"

In June 2014, high-level representatives of a range of stakeholder organisations signed an agreement on the key principles of engagement in the activities of the Platform.

Full agreement between the organisations involved in the Platform

The original text, as agreed and signed is only in English and therefore this is the authentic language version.

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The Platform has carried out the following activities:



New subpage on large carnivore management across EU member states

The EU Platform has compiled an overview of EU member states' large carnivore management providing information on responsible authorities, compensation and prevention schemes, stakeholder groups and further information per country

Upcoming events:

Past events:

14 February 2020 | Work planning meeting in Brussels, Belgium

The work planning meeting for 2020 for the EU Large Carnivore Platform took place in Brussels on 14 February. The Platform members, the Secretariat and the European Commission, discussed and updated the work plan for 2020.

22 January 2020 | Regional Workshop in Salzburg, Austria

The first regional workshop in 2020, hosted by WWF and ELO was organised as a side event of the LIFE EUROLARGECARNIVORES conference on Livestock protection in the Alpine region. The conference, which took place from 21-23 January in Heffterhof, Salzburg, Austria, offers an opportunity to exchange knowledge with various experts and practitioners in livestock protection and to learn more about the latest findings of science, research and practice as well as EU funding.

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