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updatedCall for evidence for TEEB Phase II

The European Commission is asking interested stakeholders to submit evidence on the economic consequences of biodiversity loss.

The contributions are for Phase II of TEEB, a global study on the Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity launched in 2007 as part of the Potsdam initiative. Evidence in the form of scientific papers, reports and studies, valuation studies, or examples of policy implementation, is needed in all areas of the project, but is particularly welcome in areas where substantial gaps have been identified. The information and material received will complement the submissions of the call for evidence for Phase I, and will feed into the various parts of the work carried out in Phase II and the final report.

Submissions are welcome from all sectors including scientific and research institutions, governments, local authorities and managers of natural resources, the private sector, NGOs and other experts in Europe and around the world.

Phase II of TEEB has the general goal of further developing and applying the framework presented in the interim report, and providing tools for a variety of potential end-users interested in the economic evaluation of biodiversity and ecosystem services. TEEB Phase II targets policy makers at national and local levels, businesses and citizens.  Its findings should raise awareness of the value of biodiversity and the relative costs of inaction and effective action, and so help the development of cost-effective policy responses. Such responses can make a significant contribution to meeting global and EU commitments to reduce and halt the loss of biodiversity, as well as the Millennium Development Goals.

Work is well under way on TEEB Phase II, and will continue in 2009 and 2010. The final report will be presented at COP10 of the CBD in 2010.

How to contribute

Answering the call for evidence for TEEB Phase II is easy. The project is structured around a key scientific report and several reports targeted towards four specific end-user groups: 

You can send your contribution in electronic format to the following e-mail addresses:

Please indicate in your message your contact details (unless you do not wish to be contacted). In order to facilitate the analysis of submissions, we would be grateful if you could specify the report and section for which your submission is most relevant.

All submissions will be duly referenced and acknowledged.  


The Call for Evidence is still open until 31/12/2009 for the D0, D2 and D3 reports.

For more information on the TEEB study, you can visit the dedicated website: