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No Net Loss

Results of the No Net Loss Public Consultation

The public consultation was open from 6 June to 17 October 2014 and it attracted 723 answers from a broad range of stakeholders. The Commission was very pleased with the high number of participants and will take the results into consideration in future developments of an EU No Net Loss initiative.

The results of the consultation are presented below:

Statistics: In the statistics, only the 'closed', multiple choice questions are recorded, not the questions with open answers.

Charts: The charts visually present the statistical material. They are based only on the 'closed' multiple choice questions.

Summary Report: The report summarises the answers of all questions, i.e. also taking into account the comments, explanations and qualifications given in the open, 'free text' questions.

All individual answers: All the answers sent in via the on-line public consultation are fully published here. The name and association/company/organisation of the respondents asking to be anonymous have been deleted.

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