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Access and Benefit Sharing

Background material

In October 2012, the European Commission presented a proposal for a Regulation to implement the mandatory elements of the Nagoya Protocol for the European Union. Below you can find a number of preparatory documents:

  • The Commission's impact assessment and its executive summary, which accompanied the proposal for a regulation and explains its elements.
  • The impact study and its executive summary and annexes, which was written by consultants to assist the Commission in the development of its impact assessment.
  • The documents related to the public consultation on the implementation and ratification of the Nagoya Protocol done in preparation of the proposal.

Useful links


    DECLARE, the online application for submitting the due diligence declarations, is operational since 26 September 2017. A video, which explains step by step how to use DECLARE, is available here.
    The video complements the Questions and answers for DECLARE users

  • ABS Clearing-House

    The ABS Clearing-House is a dedicated platform that serves as a means for sharing information related to access and benefit sharing. In particular, it shall provide access to information made available by each Party relevant to the implementation of this Protocol, e.g. whether they have established access legislation and who are the competent national authorities.

    In the virtual library you will find other useful information on the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol.

    Please note that the ABS Clearing-House for the time being only supports the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer version 10 or above and that the information available on it is constantly being updated and increased.

    Your help in assisting the Secretariat of the CBD to improve the functioning of the ABS Clearing-House by providing possible feedback to them by the means indicated there would be highly appreciated.

  • CBD / Nagoya Protocol website

    Here you will find dedicated information on the Nagoya Protocol and supplementary information such as existing model contractual clauses, best practices and list of the Parties to the Protocol, and much more.

  • Survey of Model Contractual Clauses, Codes of Conduct, Guidelines, Best Practices and Standards by the United Nations University – Institute of Advanced Studies

  • Glossary