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Various organisations have contributed to Phase I of TEEB with resources, studies, or expertise and contributions have also been received from individual experts. A list of the main studies contracted by the European Commission and the German Ministry for the Environment and provided by partners is given below:

EC contracts:

BMU contracts coordinated by EEA:

  • Ecosystem Accounting for the Cost of Biodiversity Losses: Framework and Case Study for Coastal Mediterranean Wetlands. DRAFT FINAL REPORT (Zip file ~23MB)
  • Study on the economics of conservation of forest biodiversity (IUCN). FINAL REPORT (Zip file, ~715KB)

UK DEFRA material:

  • An introductory guide to valuing ecosystem services. FINAL REPORT (pdf ~430KB)
  • UK Biodiversity Action Plan: Preparing Costings for Species and Habitat Action Plans. FINAL REPORT
  • Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management: Economic Valuation of Environmental Effects. HANDBOOK (Zip file ~1MB)
  • Valuing our Natural Environment. FINAL REPORT (Zip file ~1,4MB)

FR MEDAD study:

  • The economic evaluation of goods and services provided by the coral reef ecosystems. WORKING PAPER (FR) (pdf ~280KB)

An international expert workshop on 'The Economics of the Global Loss of Biological Diversity" was held on 5-6 March 2008 in Brussels, and provided ideas and recommendations on the way forward for the study. The proceedings of the workshop and the presentations made are available at:

A variety of contributions have been received in reply to the web-based call for evidence for Phase I organised by the European Commission from November 2007 to January 2008. This has been followed by a new call for evidence for Phase II of TEEB, which will remain opened until March 2009.