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EU Biodiversity Action Plan

Halting the loss of Biodiversity by 2010 - and beyond
Sustaining ecosystem services for human well-being

The European Community and its Member States are contracting parties to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity and EU Heads of State and Government undertook in 2001 to halt the decline of biodiversity in the EU by 2010 and to restore habitats and natural systems. In 2002, they also joined some 130 world leaders in agreeing to significantly reduce the rate of biodiversity loss globally by 2010.

In May 2006, the European Commission adopted a communication on "Halting Biodiversity Loss by 2010 – and Beyond: Sustaining ecosystem services for human well-being". The Communication underlined the importance of biodiversity protection as a pre-requisite for sustainable development, as well as setting out a detailed EU Biodiversity Action Plan to achieve this.

The EU Biodiversity Action Plan addresses the challenge of integrating biodiversity concerns into other policy sectors in a unified way. It specifies a comprehensive plan of priority actions and outlines the responsibility of community institutions and Member States in relation to each. It also contains indicators to monitor progress and a timetable for evaluations. The European Commission has undertaken to provide annual reporting on progress in delivery of the Biodiversity Action Plan.

Biodiversity Action Plan delivery and reporting

2010 assessment of implementing the EU Biodiversity Action Plan

Assessment of the EU Biodiversity Action Plan as a tool for implementing biodiversity policy

Mid-term assessment of implementing the EU Biodiversity Action Plan (the 2008 Report).

Institutional response:

Mid term assessment of progress at both European Community level and Member States levels:

First report on progress at European Community level:

Biodiversity Action Plan - Introductory guide and posters

This brochure explains in words and images what the EU is doing to halt biodiversuity loss by 2010. It outlines key elements of the EU Biodiversity Action Plan and summarizes its ten principal objectives, illustrating these with practical examples. Five informative posters are linked to the brochure, focusing on selected objectives.


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