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Biodiversity 2006 Communication and Action Plan

Communication from the Commission

The 2006 Biodiversity Communication and its detailed Action Plan set out a detailed agenda for action to halt the loss of biodiversity by 2010. It proposes 10 priority objectives addressing most important habitats and species; actions in the wider countryside and marine environment; making regional development more compatible with nature; reducing impacts of invasive alien species; effective international governance; support to biodiversity in international development; reducing negative impacts of international trade; adaptation to climate change; and strengthening the knowledge base. The Communication also recognises the need for four supporting measures relating to adequate financing, strengthening EU decision-making, building partnerships and promoting public education, awareness and participation.

COM/2006/0216 final: Communication from the Commission - Halting the loss of biodiversity by 2010 - and beyond - Sustaining ecosystem services for human well-being

The EU Action Plan to 2010 and beyond and indicators (Technical Annex)

{SEC(2006) 621} Technical Annexes to COM/2006/216: EU ACTION PLAN TO 2010 AND BEYOND & INDICATORS

Impact Assessment

{SEC(2006) 607} Impact Assessment to COM/2006/216

Inter-Institutional responses


Commissioner Dimas, Stopping the loss of biodiversity by 2010:
Why nature matters. Why we are losing it. And what we in Europe can do about it, Green Week Conference, Brussels, 30 May 2006

Press Releases

Powerpoint presentation of the Biodiversity Communication