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Ecosystem Profiles and Regions

To ensure that the activities supported meet local and/or regional needs and are implemented in an efficient and effective manner with local support, dedicated regional hubs have been set up. The regional hub managers and technical advisers are field- based, have a great experience working with stakeholders of their region and have a good knowledge of the local natural and human environment.

Each regional hub has developed in a participatory way a regional ecosystem profile, a tool developed and successfully used by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) and recognized to efficiently guide on the ground actions as well as to identify financing niches.

Setting the scene, Ecosystem Profiles provide valuable information, help define and prioritize needs and assure financing institutions and private benefactors both of the relevancy of the projects they wish to support and of the added-value their funding will bring.

Discover more about these regions, what makes each of them particular, the values of their ecosystems, the extremely rare and attractive species they harbour, the challenges they face and how we can help them develop sustainably.