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Pacific region

Project CORAIL: Coral reefs in a changing world – ecosystem services from coral reefs: public tools for decision-making in New Caledonia and French Polynesia. Providing tools for public decision-making from evaluation of coral reef services in the context of global change (demographic and climate change) was the goal of local stakeholders from French Polynesia and New Caledonia. In addition to assessing the economic values that coral reefs provide through protection against coastal flooding, carbon sequestration, provision of food and income from blue tourism important aspects such as governance of MPA networks and ecosystem services related to cultural and traditional aspects were addressed.

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Project: Pacific Biodiversity Blue Belt. Implementing tangible national and territorial actions supporting local initiatives and promoting trans-boundary cooperation to achieve a greater level of integrated ocean management and biodiversity conservation amongst SPREP members.

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Project: Protect and Restore the Dry Forest of the Coast of New Caledonia. Implementing actions to protect and restore the dry forests and raising awareness.

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Project: Saving the Two Most Threatened Birds of French Polynesia from Extinction. Safeguarding the Fatu Hiva Monarch and Tahiti Monarch by controlling the predation threats to these species; working with the local populations and assessing the current conservation strategies for the two species and developing Species Action Plans covering the period 2018-2023.

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Project: BIOPELAGOS: Biodiversity of Oceanic Pelagic Ecosystems for A Better Conservation and Management of Outstanding Natural Areas. Supporting New Caledonia and Wallis and Futuna to make informed decisions for the sustainable management and the conservation of their oceanic biodiversity and ecosystems.

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Project Green-NC: Comprehensive management strategies for environment and natural areas: biodiversity and ecosystem services in New Caledonia. Developing and strengthening a local network connecting sites of major environmental importance, identified and managed by local competent communities.

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Project PACIOCEA: Pacific Ocean Ecosystem Analysis. Developing marine spatial planning in the tropical south Pacific and the neighboring countries to strengthen conservation and sustainable management of marine ecosystems, to foster ecosystem-based approaches and to improve climate change adaptation.

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Protection and sustainable management of French Polynesia land-birds threatened by extinction. Developing sustainable management in 32 Important Bird Areas by creating Species Support Groups, engaging local inhabitants in protection measures such as invasive species control and ecotourism promotion.

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