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Caribbean region

Project: Marine Park Aruba. Establishing a multi-use marine park for Aruba by enacting the necessary legislation for its creation and putting in place the structures for its long-term management.

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Project: Securing Pockets of Paradise in the Caribbean. Addressing invasive alien species through training individuals, implementing a targeted public awareness campaign to raise awareness of the problem of IAS, hosting a regional IAS management meeting and developing national protocols for British Virgin Islands and Montserrat.

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Project: Saving the Sea Turtles of Anguilla. Combining community action with scientific evidence to drive legislative change.

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Project RESCQ : Restoration of Ecosystem Services and Coral Reef Quality. Restoring Elkhorn (Acropora palmata) and Staghorn (A. cervicornis) coral reef zones by establishing a coral nursery on Sint Maarten, Saint Eustatius, Saba, Turks and Caicos to grow coral fragment and transplantation at selected restoration sites.

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Project CARIPES:Quantification of ecosystem services provided by marine protected areas (MPAs) in the Caribbean with a view to their payment. Valuing the ecosystem services provided by select MPAs to engage fishers' support and to instigate discussion of payments from the users to the fishers.

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Project EcoServPlantain: Quantification of Ecosystem Services in Agroecosystems, case of Plantain banana in Martinique. Measuring the ecosystem services of plantain field systems especially in terms of conservation of arthropods and plant diversity, of regulation of pests, and of production, with a view of guiding the development of sustainable agricultural practices in tropical agrosystems.

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Project MANG: Giving impetus to a collective movement in favour of the preservation of coastal wetlands in EU overseas territories. Establishing and promoting a method to assess the value of coastal wetlands, and promoting management measures engaging and supported by public and private stakeholders.

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Conserving Species and Sites of International Importance by the Eradication of Invasive Alien Species (IAS) in the Caribbean UK Overseas Territories. Addressing the threat and demonstrating best practice for the prevention, control or eradication of IAS - notably black rats and feral livestock - to protect threatened seabirds, iguanas and land-bird species and their habitat.

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