Joint application of reverse osmosis, photochemical oxidation and electrolysis in the treatmenr of waste from electroplating.

LIFE92 ENV/P/000036

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Baseline information on marine biotopes is necessary to identify areas of nature conservation importance and develop effective conservation policies. This information is also essential background for any developments in the marine and coastal environment such as marine construction works, fisheries, aquaculture, seaweed harvesting, oil and gas exploration and gravel and mineral extraction. BioMar is a demonstration and pilot project of how coastal marine data can be collected in the field; handled in databases; disseminated; and used in coastal zone management in Member States. The project was co-ordinated by the National Parks & Wildlife Service in Dublin. Other partners are the Marine Nature Conservation Review of the Joint Nature Conservation Committee, the University of Newcastle (UK) and AID Environment in the Netherlands. The overall aim of the project is to develop and demonstrate a system for the collection, classification, storage, analysis and dissemination of marine ecological and environmental data for coastal management. Information has been collected on marine and maritime habitats and communities using different methods of data collection. The use of remote survey methods is being developed to allow point source data to be linked to larger coastal areas. The project has facilitated the development of a classification system for describing, mapping and comparing the conservation value of inshore marine areas. The system has been designed to ensure wide applicability to other marine areas in the NE Atlantic through workshops with European specialists. A database has been established for data storage and analysis which can be linked with computer mapping systems. The project is also demonstrating the production and use of electronic publications from the database and GIS. A CD-ROM product is under development.




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Waste - Industrial waste
Industry-Production - Electric - Electronics - Optical

Natura 2000 sites

Not applicable



Coordinator Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil


Project reference LIFE92 ENV/P/000036
Duration 01-DEC-1992 to 31-DEC -1995
Total budget 604,000.00 €
EU contribution 302,000.00 €
Project location Norte(Portugal) Centro(Portugal)


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