Management plan for the sustainable use of Lough Gill and environment

LIFE94 ENV/IRL/000371

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Project Manager: Enda THOMPSON
Tel: 353-71-43221
Fax: 353-71-4119

Project description:


In 1977 Lough Gill was included in the Inventory of Outstanding Landscapes in Ireland by An Foras Forbatha. It is the tenth largest lake in Ireland with an area of 1,400 hectares. The lake is located beside the town of Sligo, the regional capital of the north west of Ireland, and is the source of the town¿s water supply. It is an important salmon and trout fishery and its wooded shoreline and islands offer a rich variety of flora and fauna. As is the case with all lakes in Ireland, there has never been a coherent management plan for Lough Gill. This is most likely due to the fact that the lake and its catchment cover two local authority regions - while approximately 80% of the lake lies in County Sligo, almost 80% of the catchment area lies in County Leitrim. The experience gained and the lessons learnt from developing a management strategy should be applicable to local authorities in other parts of Ireland and the rest of Europe. The aim of this project is to develop and implement a coherent management plan to protect and preserve Lough Gill¿s landscape, wildlife and water quality for future generations. The project brings together both of these local authorities to draft a common plan which will co-ordinate planning and development strategies, land use, water protection policies, tourism and recreation strategies, and nature conservation measures, in a single management plan. Partnerships will also be built between the local authorities and other sectors of the community through the establishment of a Catchment Management Committee (CMC). The CMC will act as a forum for discussion between the various organisations to identify common goals and resolve conflicts of interest. The ultimate aim of the CMC is to manage the catacment so that the natural resources are used in an environmentally sustainable manner. The management plan will take account of baseline information on the water quality and ecological and nature conservation value of the area and




Environmental issues addressed:


Land-use & Planning - Sensitive and protected areas management


aquatic ecosystem‚  lake‚  protected area‚  landscape protection‚  environmental management‚  nature conservation

Natura 2000 sites

Not applicable



Coordinator Sligo County Council


Project reference LIFE94 ENV/IRL/000371
Duration 01-SEP-1994 to 30-SEP -1998
Total budget 618,516.46 €
EU contribution 237,253.99 €
Project location North West (IRL)(Ireland)


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