Recovery, Conservation and Management of Species and Natural Habitats in the Coastal Area of the Central Portugal

LIFE95 ENV/P/000119

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Contact details:

Project Manager: Amadeu M.V.M. SOARES
Tel: 3513922241
Fax: 3513924226

Project description:


This project involves the placement of passageways and stake fences in dunes, shrub and tree plantation, and revegetation of nearby scrub fire-affected areas. By this means, shrubland recovery will be encouraged, fires will be prevented by the construction of firebreaks and drainage ditches and short-term swamping areas will be created, along with the monitoring of biological communities and the creation of areas for public usage. The Quiaios-Mira coastal zone project for the conservation of the Cantanhede and Mira dune systems includes the following actions: 1. Isolation of the sensitive dune areas (by installation of fences and raised passageways to prevent degradation by grazing and passage of vehicles). 2. Recovery of natural scrubland by shrub planting in intact areas. 3. Recovery of the tree storey in parts of burnt-out zones. 4. Weed and non-native plant control. 5. Establishment of infrastructure and improvements to fire prevention resources (fire break clearance, recovery of drainage ditches and temporary flooding zones for use as water reserves). 6. Creation of zones for public use, prepared for environmental promotion (nature guides, sensitisation and training activities for the area).




Environmental issues addressed:


Land-use & Planning - Sensitive and protected areas management


biodiversity‚  nature conservation‚  restoration measure‚  coastal management‚  fire protection‚  sensitive area

Natura 2000 sites

Not applicable



Coordinator Instituto Ambiente e Vida - Departamento de Zoologia da Universidade de Coimbra


Project reference LIFE95 ENV/P/000119
Duration 01-OCT-1995 to 31-MAR -1999
Total budget 695,306.06 €
EU contribution 281,558.78 €
Project location Norte(Portugal) Centro(Portugal) Lisboa e vale do Tejo(Portugal) Alentejo(Portugal) Algarve(Portugal)


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