LIFE-A2J-EARL - Education and Awareness Raising of Legal Professionals on Access to Justice

LIFE16 GIE/CZ/000791

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Contact details:

Contact person: Csaba Kiss
Tel: 3613228462
Fax: 3614130297
Email: info@justiceandenvironment.org

Project description:


While the body of EU environmental policy and regulation is one of the most advanced and comprehensive in the world, an implementation gap has become evident. Strong legislative and policy frameworks are not providing the results that they should because they are not properly implemented. Experience across EU Member States has shown that relying solely on public authorities to overcome the implementation deficit will not yield the required results. Therefore, active citizens, either acting on their own or via NGOs, are essential to support the actions of authorities. There are many ways in which such ‘citizen enforcement’ could take place. However, in order to be truly effective, it needs to involve access to judicial review.


The LIFE-A2J-EARL project aims to improve the implementation and enforcement of EU environmental law by providing the public with effective access to justice, such as judicial review, administrative review and complaints to other appeal bodies. Access to justice is a fundamental means through which citizens and NGOs can support the implementation and enforcement of laws and policies to protect the environment. In order to reach this long-term goal, the project aims to:

  • Increase awareness of existing rules and case-law on access to justice in environmental matters for specific target audiences – the judiciary, bodies responsible for the administration of justice, public interest lawyers and public administrations;
  • Increase understanding of the importance of ensuring proper access to justice for the implementation of EU environmental laws and policies;
  • Increase understanding of specific challenges and obstacles to proper access to justice in environmental matters both at national and EU level; and
  • Increase knowledge and capacity for overcoming legal (both substantial and procedural) challenges and obstacles to effective access to justice in the environmental field.
  • Expected results:
  • At least 6 400 people having access to at least one of the following materials created during the project: a handbook on access to justice, EU procedural rules and case law and the Aarhus Convention equivalents, national toolkits on access to justice in 8 Member States and the digital information platform, a public interest lawyer database regrouping lawyers active in the field of environmental law and have been dealing with access to justice cases;
  • At least 120 people receiving an answer to their specific question via the ‘ask a lawyer’ function that will be published online;
  • At least 1000 people trained on access to justice issues in 48 workshops and seminars held in different locations in eight Member States or via 12 webinars;
  • At least 120 people sharing their experience and knowledge at a conference held in Brussels;
  • At least 85% of the target audience accessing project materials or attending events that inform them of the rules and case law on access to justice on environmental matters; and
  • At least 80% of the target audience accessing project materials or attending events will have a better understanding of the specific challenges and obstacles to proper access to justice on environmental matters.

  • Results


Environmental issues addressed:


Information - Governance - Awareness raising - Information
Information - Governance - Improved legislative compliance and enforcement


environmental education‚  environmental awareness‚  environmental training‚  environmental law

Target EU Legislation

  • Environmental management & assessment
  • Directive 2001/42 - Assessment of the effects of certain plans and programmes on the environment ...
  • Directive 2004/35 - Environmental liability with regard to the prevention and remedying of enviro ...

Natura 2000 sites

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Coordinator Association Justice & Environment, z.s.
Type of organisation NGO-Foundation
Description Association Justice and Environment (J&E) is a non-profit non-governmental organisation that was founded in 2004 to ensure the effective implementation of EU environmental rules in the Czech Republic. A network, J&E has members in 11 EU Member States and one non-EU country. Its main purpose is to analyse the EU system of participation in environmental matters, mainly in the form of comparative legal studies and proposals for policy improvements and recommendations to decision-makers. J&E communicates its findings widely, especially to Brussels-based NGOs, the European Commission and the European Parliament, while putting equal emphasis on sharing its experience with the general public via the media, including social media.
Partners ClientEarth, United Kingdom


Project reference LIFE16 GIE/CZ/000791
Duration 01-JUL-2017 to 31-DEC -2020
Total budget 1,131,459.00 €
EU contribution 678,098.00 €
Project location Burgenland(Österreich) Niederösterreich(Österreich) Wien(Österreich) Kärnten(Österreich) Steiermark(Österreich) Oberösterreich(Österreich) Salzburg(Österreich) Tirol(Österreich) Vorarlberg(Österreich) Schleswig-Holstein(Deutschland) Hamburg(Deutschland) Niedersachsen(Deutschland) Bremen(Deutschland) Nordrhein-Westfalen(Deutschland) Hessen(Deutschland) Rheinland-Pfalz(Deutschland) Baden-Württemberg(Deutschland) Bayern(Deutschland) Saarland(Deutschland) Berlin(Deutschland) Brandenburg(Deutschland) Mecklenburg-Vorpommern(Deutschland) Sachsen(Deutschland) Sachsen-Anhalt(Deutschland) Thüringen(Deutschland) Galicia(España) Asturias(España) Cantabria(España) País Vasco(España) Navarra(España) Rioja(España) Aragón(España) Madrid(España) Castilla-León(España) Castilla-La Mancha(España) Extremadura(España) Cataluña(España) Comunidad Valenciana(España) Baleares(España) Andalucía(España) Murcia(España) Ceuta y Melilla(España) Canarias(España) Põhja-Eesti(Estonia Eesti) Lääne-Eesti(Estonia Eesti) Kesk-Eesti(Estonia Eesti) Kirde-Eesti(Estonia Eesti) Lõuna-Eesti(Estonia Eesti) Extra-Regio(Estonia Eesti) Associated Estonia (EE)(Estonia Eesti) Île,de,France(France) Champagne-Ardennes(France) Picardie(France) Haute-Normandie(France) Centre(France) Basse-Normandie(France) Bourgogne(France) Nord-Pas-De-Calais(France) Lorraine(France) Alsace(France) Franche-Comté(France) Pays de la Loire(France) Bretagne(France) Poitou-Charentes(France) Aquitaine(France) Midi-Pyrénées(France) Limousin(France) Rhône-Alpes(France) Auvergne(France) Languedoc-Roussillon(France) Provence-Alpes-Côte d' Azur(France) Corse(France) Guadeloupe(France) Martinique(France) Guyane(France) Réunion(France) Kozep-Magyarorszag(Hungary Magyarország) Kozep-Dunantul(Hungary Magyarország) Nyugat-Dunantul(Hungary Magyarország) Del-Dunantul(Hungary Magyarország) Eszak-Magyarorszag(Hungary Magyarország) Eszak-Alfold(Hungary Magyarország) Del-Alfold(Hungary Magyarország) Extra-Regio(Hungary Magyarország) Associated Hungary (H)(Hungary Magyarország) Lodzkie(Poland Polska) Mazowieckie(Poland Polska) Malopolskie(Poland Polska) Slaskie(Poland Polska) Lubelskie(Poland Polska) Podkarpackie(Poland Polska) Swietokrzyskie(Poland Polska) Podlaskie(Poland Polska) Wielkopolskie(Poland Polska) Zachodniopomorskie(Poland Polska) Lubuskie(Poland Polska) Dolnoslaskie(Poland Polska) Opolskie(Poland Polska) Kujawsko-Pomorskie(Poland Polska) Warminsko-Mazurskie(Poland Polska) Pomorskie(Poland Polska) Extra-Regio(Poland Polska) Associated Poland (PL)(Poland Polska) Bratislavsky kraj(Slovakia Slovensko) Zapadne Slovensko(Slovakia Slovensko) Stredne Slovensko(Slovakia Slovensko) Vychodne Slovensko(Slovakia Slovensko) Extra-Regio(Slovakia Slovensko) Associated Slovakia (SK)(Slovakia Slovensko)


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