LIFE MONZA - Methodologies fOr Noise low emission Zones introduction And management

LIFE15 ENV/IT/000586

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Contact person: Salvatore Curcuruto
Tel: 390650072356
Fax: 390650072053
Email: salvatore.curcuruto@isprambiente.it

Project description:


Noise pollution is a growing environmental concern. It is a major environmental health problem in Europe, with an estimated 125 million people affected by high noise levels that cause serious health problems and stress. The EU has introduced the concept of low emission zones (LEZs), but this was mainly devised in the context of improving air quality. Consequently, many ongoing projects and initiatives related to LEZs are primarily concerned with reducing particulate matter (PM10) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions, without taking into account problems related to noise pollution. There is no complete and integrated methodology for the management of noise in LEZs.


LIFE MONZA will evaluate a new methodology for noise management within a LEZ, which will be applied in a pilot area in the city of Monza, Italy. The methodology should be easily replicable and will contribute to the implementation of the EU Environmental Noise Directive (END), which requires noise management plans to be drawn up. The directive does not provide a definition of LEZ in relation to noise pollution; the LIFE MONZA project aims to provide this definition, and will inform the criteria for noise management plans set out in Annex V of the directive.

The LIFE MONZA project will:

  • Create a low-noise LEZ in the Libertà district in Monza (where approx. 15 000 people live); this will involve measures such as traffic management and infrastructure improvement;
  • Reduce average noise levels in the Libertà district, with positive complementary effects on air quality;
  • Engage the local community in an active management system of lifestyle choices, that will contribute to the reduction of noise and the improvement of health and air quality in their living and working environments; and
  • Develop a mobile app for managing voluntary and sustainable actions and for measuring benefits and concrete changes in people's lifestyle.

Expected results: The LIFE MONZA project will: 1. Develop a procedure that will be easily replicable across the EU, with related guidelines, for the definition and management of low-noise LEZs, which will contribute to meeting the goals of the END; 2. Establish a restricted-traffic zone in the Libertà district of Monza, which will cut the heavy vehicles traffic; 3. Impose a lower speed limit in the district (50 km/h) and modify the layout of one road to reduce lane width and create two pedestrian crossings with safety islands; 4. Re-lay a road surface using low-noise asphalt; 5. Promote take up of cycling, walking and carpooling; 6. Aim to reduce road traffic by 5% and thus improve local air quality; 7. Create IT tools to help residents make lifestyle changes and measure the results; and 8. Achieve noise reductions in the pilot area of: -3 decibels (dBA) from low-noise paving; -1/1.5 dBA from restrictions on trucks and reductions in traffic speeds; -1 dBA from application of good practices to reduce traffic; and -3 dBA close to schools from use of IT tools.



Environmental issues addressed:


Air & Noise - Air pollutants
Land-use & Planning - Transport planning - Traffic monitoring


transport planning‚  traffic monitoring‚  urban planning‚  noise reduction‚  air quality management

Target EU Legislation

  • Air
  • Directive 2008/50/EC - Ambient air quality and cleaner air for Europe (21.05.2008)
  • COM (2013/0918) - A Clean Air Programme for Europe (18.12.2013)

Natura 2000 sites

Not applicable



Coordinator Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale; Italian National Institutefor Environmental Protection and Research
Type of organisation Research institution
Description ISPRA (Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale, the Italian National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research) is an institute overseen by the Environment Ministry that was created from the merger of three previous institutes dealing with environmental protection, conservation and the marine environment. Among its duties are the development and application of methodologies for the evaluation, prevention and control of pollution, including noise pollution.
Partners Vie En.Ro.Se Ingegneria srl, Italy UNIVERSITY OF FLORENCE, Italy COMUNE DI MONZA, Italy


Project reference LIFE15 ENV/IT/000586
Duration 01-SEP-2016 to 30-JUN -2020
Total budget 1,745,829.00 €
EU contribution 942,661.00 €
Project location Lombardia(Italia)


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