HR NCP - MENP - Capacity Building for Croatia’s National CP for the LIFE programme – Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection

LIFE14 CAP/HR/000014

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Project description:


The LIFE programme introduced action grants for capacity-building projects for the 2014-2017 funding period. These are projects designed to build Member States' capacity to participate more effectively in the LIFE Programme. Specifically, these projects propose interventions to develop the capacity to submit successful applications for funding for projects under the sub-programmes for Environment and Climate Action. Member States that meet the criteria may each receive funding of up to one million euros for one capacity-building project. Only national level public bodies responsible for implementation of LIFE in an eligible Member State in the European Union may apply for capacity-building projects.


The HRNCP-MENP project's main objective is to promote Croatia’s participation in the LIFE Programme, by helping new applicants prepare successful LIFE project proposals, so increasing the number of LIFE projects in the fields of environment, nature and biodiversity, and climate change. The aim is that a more effective implementation of the LIFE Programme in Croatia will help achieve goals set by EU and national legislation in terms of better environmental quality, nature conservation, and climate change adaptation and mitigation. The project aims to increase the capacity of the Croatian NCP, by recruiting new staff and training them, together with those already working on the implementation of the LIFE Programme, and to create a new unit within MENP dedicated to implementing the LIFE Programme in Croatia. Visits and ongoing networking activities will be organised with NCPs in other EU Member States, to transfer knowledge and expertise and apply it to the Croatian NCPs organisation and practices. A further objective is to support potential beneficiaries who are applying for LIFE project funding, by organising events, such as information days, workshops, and training (for trainers and potential beneficiaries), which will lead to an annual increase in successful LIFE project proposals. The project will also promote the LIFE Programme generally, and raise awareness of the benefits to be derived from LIFE projects and their complementarity with other programmes and funding instruments.

Expected results:

  • Six new staff employed in the Croatian LIFE NCP;
  • Training for new and existing staff at the Croatian NCP on the LIFE Programme, project cycle management, public relations, Green Public Procurement, communication skills, to help potential LIFE beneficiaries;
  • Communication strategy developed to promote the LIFE Programme in Croatia;
  • Website developed, with Q&A and ‘meet a partner’ database, that provides regular updates on the LIFE programme, including calls for proposals, with documentation available in Croatian, as well as a forum for discussion and networking between potential beneficiaries;
  • List of type of projects created which contains potential LIFE project proposals;
  • Preparation of Concept Notes for potential Integrated Projects;
  • 20% increase in project proposals (national and multinational consortia);
  • 50% increase in projects selected for LIFE funding;
  • 1 300 potential beneficiaries reached, raising their interest in applying to LIFE;
  • Approx. 2 000 potential beneficiaries trained in how to prepare a LIFE project;
  • Approx. 300 regional officers trained regarding the LIFE Programme; and
  • Experience exchanged with other Member State NCPs.



Environmental issues addressed:


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Coordinator Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection
Type of organisation National authority
Description The Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection (MENP) is a State authority responsible for environmental policy and the development of legislative proposals in accordance with EU and national strategies, and for implementing, monitoring and supervising measures in related sectors like integrated waste management, air quality, climate change adaptation and mitigation, and nature and biodiversity. MENP is the National Contact Point (NCP) for the LIFE Programme in Croatia.
Partners None


Project reference LIFE14 CAP/HR/000014
Duration 01-NOV-2015 to 31-MAR -2019
Total budget 1,101,636.00 €
EU contribution 999,849.00 €
Project location Kontinentalna Hrvatska(Croatia Hrvatska)


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Project description   Environmental issues   Beneficiaries   Administrative data   Read more   Print   PDF version