LIFE IP GESTIRE 2020 - Nature Integrated Management to 2020

LIFE14 IPE/IT/000018

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Contact details:

Project Manager: Elena TIRONI
Email: elena_tironi@regione.lombardia.it

Project description:


In order to ensure the conservation objectives and ecological coherence of the Natura 2000 network, the Lombardy region recognised the need to develop a regional strategy for the period 2015-2020, supported by an integrated, unified, coordinated and participatory management strategy. To this end, in the period 2012-2015 the project GESTIRE (LIFE11 NAT/IT/000044) was carried out to prepare an updated and more complete version of the regional prioritised action framework (PAF), to further the objectives of the one delivered in 2013. Based on the results of this planning document, the current integrated project is being implemented in the regional Natura 2000 network.


GESTIRE 2020 aims to create an integrated management structure that will ensure the achievement of the conservation objectives set out in the Habitats and Birds directives, taking into account the economic and technical sustainability of the management. This will be achieved by developing policies and management actions for the Natura 2000 regional network that include, among other things, the active management of habitats and species, the guarantee of coherence between the regional Natura 2000 network and external territories (including ecological connectivity), the monitoring of the results of the actions undertaken, the guarantee of supervision of activities interfering with Natura 2000 sites, and the training of professionals in appropriate management for the regional network.

In addition to the integrated project budget, the project will facilitate the coordinated use of complementary funding from the CARIPLO tenders on ‘ecological networks’ and ‘capacity building’ for a total of, respectively, €4 million and €0.4 million for projects to be implemented in the period 2016-2018. The project will also facilitate the coordinated use of complementary funding from European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD), European Social Fund (ESF) and public institutions.



Environmental issues addressed:


Biodiversity issues - Ecological coherence
Land-use & Planning - Sensitive and protected areas management


monitoring‚  protected area‚  management plan‚  information system

Target EU Legislation

  • Nature protection and Biodiversity
  • Directive 92/43 - Conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora- Habitats Directiv ...
  • COM(2011) 244 final “Our life insurance, our natural capital: an EU biodiversity strategy to 2020 ...

Natura 2000 sites

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Coordinator Regione Lombardia
Type of organisation Regional authority
Description The Lombardy region manages the regional Natura 2000 network, with the local support of dedicated institutions (e.g. parks) and territorial institutions (e.g. provinces). The regional network includes 193 sites of Community importance (SCIs) and 67 special protection areas (SPAs), with total area of 346 342 ha.
Partners Ente Regionale per i Servizi all'Agricoltura e alle Foreste, Italy Corpo Forestale dello Stato, Italy Lega Italiana Protezione Uccelli onlus, Italy World Wildlife Fund Italia Onlus, Italy Comunità Ambiente Srl, Italy Fondazione Lombardia per l'ambiente, Italy


Project reference LIFE14 IPE/IT/000018
Duration 01-JAN-2016 to 31-DEC -2023
Total budget 17,345,496.00 €
EU contribution 10,004,210.00 €
Project location Lombardia(Italia)


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Project description   Environmental issues   Beneficiaries   Administrative data   Read more   Print   PDF version