CON.FLU.PO. - Restoring connectivity in Po River basin opening migratory route for Acipenser naccarii* and 10 fish species in Annex II

LIFE11 NAT/IT/000188

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Contact details:

Project Manager: Franco MARI
Tel: + 39 0353 230511
Fax: +39 02 67652576
Email: francomari.it@gmail.com

Project description:


The project site is the fluvial corridor of the Po river and the plain area of Italy’s largest watershed (over 70 000 km2). The area is home to the 11 European priority fish species and more than 40 native fish species, 15 of which are endemic or sub-endemic to the area. Fish species of European interest are the same from the river’s mouth up to 400-500 km upstream. Threats to the species are the fragmented ecosystem (e.g. the links with Serafini Island) and the scattered management system of the area. The wide zone frequented by protected fish species falls under the jurisdiction of four regions and 15 provinces, and comprises many protected fluvial Natura 2000 network sites and just as many management entities. As a result, the common fish conservation targets clash with the diverse range of local interests. Conservation measures are urgent owing to the high risk level: two native species of sturgeon, for example, have already become extinct in the project area.


The main objectives of this project are:

  • To conserve the Adriatic surgeon (Acipenser naccarii), an anadromous migratory fish species that is endemic to the fluvial basin bordering the upper Adriatic Sea;
  • To conserve all native fish species (10 of which are listed in Annex II of the Habitat Directive) of the lower-middle Po river and the connected hydrographical basin;
  • To reduce fluvial habitat fragmentation; and
  • To increase networking among local authorities and improve communal and shared governance of the large area targeted by the project.
  • The core project actions will involve the building of fish passes, the reintroduction of Acipenser sturio, and reinforcement of Rutilus pigus, Barbus plebejus, Chondrostoma soetta and C. genei, and the removal of invasive alien species.

    Expected results

    The main quantifiable expected results are:
  • Building of infrastructure allowing fish upstream passage in the Po at Isola Serafini, some 300 km from the river delta;
  • Establishment of a coordination committee that includes representatives from all of the regional and inter-regional administrations;
  • An increase in the population of the Adriatic sturgeon and other fish species via the reintroduction of more than 200 000 individuals;
  • Creation of a shelter for educational activities at Isola Serafini; and
  • Building of a footpath connecting the passage points.

  • Results


Environmental issues addressed:


Biodiversity issues - Ecological coherence
Habitats - Freshwater
Species - Fish


animal corridor‚  biotope network‚  river‚  nature conservation

Target species

 Acipenser naccarii   Alosa fallax   Barbus meridionalis   Barbus plebejus   Chondrostoma genei   Chondrostoma soetta   Cobitis taenia   Lethenteron zanandreai   Leuciscus souffia   Rutilus pigus   Salmo marmoratus   

Natura 2000 sites

Not applicable



Coordinator Regione Lombardia - DG Agricoltura
Type of organisation Regional authority
Description The agriculture department (DG Agricoltura) of the Lombardy region is responsible for: coordinating and monitoring of hunting and fishing activities; protecting environmental resources; performing research activities for the development and innovation of agricultural and agro-food sectors; promoting the use of bio-compatible energy sources; and implementing information and awareness campaigns. The department is made up of various units: the Multifunctional Organisation Unit is in charge of territorial planning mainly on hunting activities, mountain agricultural activities, the use of biomass energy, development of the rural economy and the sustainable use of agricultural soils.
Partners Consorzio Parco Lombardo della Valle del Ticino Regione Emilia-Romagna - Direzione Generale Agricoltura, Economia Ittica, Attività Faunistico venatorie Agenzia Interregionale per il fiume Po Autorità di bacino del fiume Po Provincia di Piacenza Provincia di Rovigo G.R.A.I.A. srl - Gestione e Ricerca Ambientale Ittica Acque


Project reference LIFE11 NAT/IT/000188
Duration 01-DEC-2012 to 30-JUN -2017
Total budget 7,088,476.00 €
EU contribution 3,496,809.00 €
Project location Piemonte(Italia) Lombardia(Italia) Veneto(Italia) Emilia-Romagna(Italia)


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Project description   Environmental issues   Beneficiaries   Administrative data   Read more   Print   PDF version